Indoor Air Quality


Kids having issues with asthma/allergens? Or maybe you’d just like to breathe cleaner air inside your home. We can help!

Poorly designed or maintained heating and cooling systems can create health risks in your home, such as dust, allergens, mold, gas vapors, and carbon monoxide.

Our air-quality diagnostics include a Door Blower Test — this will find all the air leaks in the home and also in the heating system. Air leaks from the attic, crawlspace, and garage are the worst kind because they bring dirty air into your home. We’re also experts in the latest high-tech air filtration systems.

At RC Mechanical, a local Redwood City, California business, we can address these issues and make your home a healthier place. Call us today and start breathing easier!


"You will NEVER find a better HVAC expert than Sal. I found Sal after developing a severe allergy to my cats. Sal conducted extensive air pressure testing (for free!) in order to diagnose where we had leaks and why our air quality was so poor.

"Sal diagnosed our problem immediately—a combination of an improperly sealed furnace that was pulling dust from our cat litter into the air ducts (!!!), the installation of cheap ductwork made from plastic flex (which collects dust in the grooves), and the total failure of an expensive electrostatic/UV air filter that came highly recommended by the HVAC guys who never sealed our furnace.

"Not one of the many other HVAC guys I called to diagnose our air quality problems (before finding Sal) mentioned any of these things. No one conducted air pressure tests. Nobody mentioned ductwork. No one even bothered to open our furnace, the inside of which was plastered with cat hair and litter. (When Sal opened our furnace, I almost fainted).

"We hired Sal on the spot to clean up this mess of a situation. Best money I have ever spent." – Nyla, San Mateo