Prepare your home for the fire season

Every year the fire season seems to start earlier and earlier. Fall is the fire season when hot weather, dry plant materials and gusty winds come together to create an atmosphere that is ripe for fire. During such burnings, the air fills with smoke and the sky takes on an apocalyptic hue. The smoke is filled with particulate matter that can get lodged deep in... read more >

My AC is making noises!

Summer is around the corner. This means hot days are approaching and your AC will be needed to keep you comfortable in your home. In addition to routine maintenance, check for any unusual or unexpected noises coming from your AC unit. These noises signal trouble with your unit and may require immediate attention. Here’s a guide to these noises and actions you can take: Squealing... read more >

Why does AC installation cost so much?

When you think of installing a new AC, you think of it as an appliance. With a dishwasher, you purchase the model you want, get someone to install it, and — voilà — we are up and running. The cost of this is generally the labor cost of a handyman plus the cost of the appliance. An AC is a part of the whole HVAC... read more >
HVAC Contractor

How to choose an HVAC contractor

When a heater or an air conditioner stops working or seems to have a problem, people tend to think that they need to replace it. Actually HVAC is a system as opposed to a single unit. If any part of the HVAC system isn’t working properly, you will not reap the benefits of the system. So you need to hire someone who can evaluate the... read more >
Smoke from Fire season

Is my AC bringing smoky air from outside into my house?

Fire is a part of the season in California. Fall is the fire season when hot weather, dry plant materials and gusty winds come together to create an atmosphere that is ripe for fire. During such burnings, the air fills with smoke and the sky takes on an apocalyptic hue. The smoke is filled with particulate matter that can get lodged deep in the lungs... read more >
Redwood City HVAC repair maintenance

AC/Furnace blows harder in some rooms

The air is supposed to flow through the ducts in a balanced way. This means that the pressure with which the air is forced into room should be the same. If you have some rooms experiencing forceful air pressures and others not as much, you have what we in the industry call “An airflow problem”. You will experience one of the following situations if you... read more >
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Keep your AC running smoothly

With the hot weather and stay-in-place orders in San Mateo County, many households are installing A/C systems. On hot days when your new AC runs constantly, there’s a chance its effectiveness could lower. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your newly installed air conditioner works smoothly throughout the summer. Replace your AC filter frequently The job of an AC filter... read more >

Do I need to clean my ducts?

If the ductwork has no leaks, you never need to clean your ducts! Our top priority is your health and safety. That’s why we’re taking extra care in reducing risk to you and your family through these safety procedures. Spring cleaning often includes a deep clean of your home. Sweep out the gutters. Check for leaks and water damage. How about cleaning your air conditioning... read more >

Our safety procedures during COVID-19

RC Mechanical appreciates the trust you place in us when you allow us into your home. Our highest priority is your health and safety. Given the current public health situation in Redwood City and the rest of San Mateo County, we want to make you aware of the safety procedures we have implemented. When visiting your home to install, replace, or repair your air conditioner... read more >

Improve Indoor Air Quality To Reduce Coronavirus Risk

Now that we’re spending more time indoors due to shelter-in-place, it is important that the air you and your family breathe is healthy and clean. While there are several ways to limit your exposure to the coronavirus (hand washing, etc.), let’s focus here on how your home heating and cooling systems can play a role in a cleaner and healthier environment. Upgrade Your Air Filters... read more >
allergy free air Covid-19

Breathe Cleaner Fresher Air This Spring

Spring brings longer days and warmer weather. But spring can also bring miserable sniffling and sneezing for the 50 million Americans who suffer seasonal allergies. Eight out of 10 people in the United States are exposed to dust mites. What to do? Improve the air quality in your home to reduce allergy triggers. What are the main sources of indoor allergens? Some of the biggest... read more >

Keeping Warm at Night

The San Francisco Bay Area enjoys mild winters. However, in the first weeks of this month, temperatures plummeted to the 30s for cities along the Bay like Redwood City, San Carlos, and Burlingame. Are you and your kids not sleeping well because everyone is cold? Here’s what to do to make sure your house is comfortable: Check for leaky ducts When rooms don’t stay warm,... read more >
Allergy & asthma

Allergies & Asthma

While there may be many ways to treat asthma or allergies, one of the smartest actions you can take as a consumer is to alleviate the various conditions that can trigger the symptoms. Did you know that your HVAC system is part of this ecosystem? By increasing the effectiveness of your HVAC system, you can optimize its efficiency to help reduce allergens that trigger asthma... read more >

What you can’t see can hurt you

As part of cooling the house, an air conditioner creates condensation. This condensation turns to water which is collected in the primary drain pan. This pan is inside the unit and is not visible from the outside. The water in this pan is drained through pipes into the house’s plumbing system. If there is a clog in the primary drain pipe, water starts collecting in... read more >

Tips for coping with a heat wave

You’ve probably heard that July 2019 was the warmest month ever recorded on the planet. What if you don’t have air conditioning in your home? There are some tried-and-true techniques that you may already know about — taking a cold shower, going to an air-conditioned movie theatre, and installing ceiling fans. But there are some additional strategies you may never have thought of. Turn off... read more >

Why is my air conditioner leaking condensation? Is it malfunctioning?

Air conditioners generate moisture as part of their operation. Normally this condensation is directed out of your home via a pipe. If your air conditioner is leaking moisture into your home, this is a sign of a problem. There are several reasons an air conditioner might be leaking condensation. Air conditioner is rusted through The drain pan in the air conditioner might be rusted through... read more >
HVAC - air conditioner

7 ways to get the most from your air conditioner

Regardless of whether your air conditioner is newly installed or in need of some maintenance after years of service, it’s best to use it to its maximum efficiency. Here are some easy, simple tips for how to save both energy and money when using your A/C: 1. Keep your home sealed and secure Cracks or openings in your door and window frames can both let... read more >

What is the 20° rule and why is it important for my A/C?

As summer gets into full swing and temperatures across the country rise, many people with air conditioning systems in their homes consistently set their thermostat to about 70° Fahrenheit. While this allows for a comfortable space in which to take refuge from the heat, when the outside temperature is upwards of 90°, cooling the house to 70° can be quite a challenge for the AC.... read more >

6 ways to prepare your home for summer

Before you know it, the summer heat will be upon us. With a little bit of preparation, your home will be ready to keep you comfortable through the dog days of summer. Turn your AC on early Turning on your AC will allow you to find out if it is in working condition. If you hear the equipment cranking up, then it is working. Then... read more >

How to tell if you have leaky ductwork

Ducts are a vital part of your HVAC system. They distribute the air from your furnace or AC to different parts of your house. However, when air is lost through gaps in the ductwork, your HVAC has to work harder to achieve the desired temperature in the house. Even if you have a super energy-efficient AC or heating unit, leaky ductwork will mean you won’t... read more >

4 ways to improve your home air quality

Good air quality inside your home is important to your family’s well being and comfort. Bad air quality can adversely affect you and your family’s health. The effects can range from sneezing to chronic asthma or worse, especially if a family member has compromised health. These are the four devices that have the biggest impact on your indoor air quality, and you should make sure... read more >

Energy saving tips for winter

When the temperature goes down, the cost of keeping your home comfortable goes up. Here are some ways you can lower the cost of keeping your home cozy and keep your bills low. Maintain your furnace Keeping your furnace in good condition is important for allowing the system to run efficiently and on less energy. Maintaining your furnace also prolongs its life. A dirty filter... read more >

Make your home comfortable

Does it ever feel that certain parts of the house are very comfortable and others are not. They could either be too hot or too cold. This could happen even if the furnace is working well. The main culprit is the duct design. When the furnace is actively blowing warm air into the home, they tend to pool in certain areas. Warm air rises. So... read more >
Burner flame

Simple ways to prevent home fire

Here are a few simple ways to prevent a fire from starting in your home. Kitchen Leaving pots and pans unattended is one of the main causes of kitchen fires. If you have to step away from the kitchen, use a timer to remind you that there’s something on the burner. Better yet, try to avoid circumstances where you would have to leave the kitchen... read more >

Protect your HVAC with our plan

HVAC systems are just like other equipment or appliance. They need regular maintenance. You wouldn’t drive your car without a regular maintenance. The same holds true for HVAC systems. Regular maintenance is needed to keep the system performing at its peak. With preventative maintenance, you can catch small issues and fix them before they become a bigger issues. Keeping your HVAC running at its peak... read more >
Keep it cool when the weather gets hot

Keep cool without an AC

Bay area’s warm weather begins when the rest of the country moves into Fall. Most of our homes in the peninsula aren’t equipped with AC, making it hard to keep cool. Here are a few ways to keep you cool when it gets hot. Close your window shades. If the sun’s rays reach your home’s floor or walls, you can bet that you’ll feel warmer... read more >
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AC troubleshooting

Air conditioner is a great invention that makes summer’s hot days bearable. It can be miserable when, on a hot day, the AC stops working. As your AC stops working, it gives signs that it needs to be maintained or is on the verge of breaking down. Here are a few signs that your air conditioning unit may not be working to its fullest and... read more >

Signs your HVAC is broken

Homeowners in Redwood City, like those everywhere, expect to feel comfortable and secure in our homes. Our homes keep us safe from the outside elements and dangers, like pollutants, inclement weather, etc. However, a faulty HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is the biggest cause of poor indoor air quality. If furnaces and air conditioners are not installed and maintained properly, they can not... read more >
Keep your home comfortable

Choosing the right filter

Air filters are an important, but often overlooked, part of the HVAC system. The primary purpose of a furnace or a/c filter is to trap and remove dust, dirt, hair, fur, fibers, bacteria, pollen, mold, etc. from the air in your house, and to protect the HVAC system. Without a filter, these impurities will compromise the efficiency and longevity of your heating and air conditioning... read more >
Repair or replace my HVAC?

Should I repair or replace my HVAC system?

An HVAC system includes a furnace and/or air conditioner and the duct system to carry the air around the house. In general, the lifespan of an HVAC system is between 15 and 20 years. The lifespan of a furnace or air conditioer depends on how often the HVAC system was used, the quality of the mechanical components (furnace and AC), the quality of the furnace... read more >
Leaky furnace or heater

Why is my furnace leaking water?

Your furnace heats your house using either gas or electricity. It doesn’t use water at all. So, if your furnace starts leaking water, the natural questions are, “Where is the water coming from?” and “Why is my furnace leaking water?”. There are a few reasons why your furnace could be leaking water. Leaky condensation Condensation is a problem generally with energy-efficient furnaces. Older furnaces do... read more >
HVAC fixes for simple issues

5 furnace checks to do before the winter

When the furnace doesn’t turn on on that first cool fall day, you may worry what it might cost, and how long you will have to live without a furnace. There are a few things you can do to take care of small HVAC heating system issues. This blog post will show you how to diagnose and fix the most common simple issues with your... read more >
Comfortable home

Should I get a gas or an electric furnace?

Every day there are more and more furnace options available to consumers in Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area. These delivery varied levels of comfort, price and fuel. Furnaces run primarily on either gas or electricity. There are pros and cons to both kinds of heating system. Installation The first furnace installation question you need to answer is whether you should get a gas... read more >
Nest thermostat

Smart Thermostats and HVAC

Why you need a smart thermostat Having a good thermostat is very important to ensure your furnace and air conditioner are operating at maximum efficiency. You save both energy and money if your furnace and air conditioner are intelligently programmed. For example, with a conventional thermostat you might set your desired temperature to 72 degrees. Then if you leave the house for 8 hours, your... read more >

Before you buy a house, get to know its HVAC

HVAC is not the sexiest part of a house, but it is an important to know if your furnace and AC are working well and installed correctly to keep your home comfortable for you. If HVAC is not installed properly or not working correctly, it is going to cost you more to operate for the lifetime of the equipment. And when you are fed up... read more >

Questions to ask your HVAC contractor

Before you hire a heating or air conditioning contractor, you need to know how they are going to do the work. Even if you don’t know anything about HVAC, you should be able to get a good idea of their work ethos with these questions. 1. How are you going to size my HVAC equipment? Getting the right-sized equipment for your house and your needs... read more >
Properly installed duct work

Duct work

The basics of an HVAC system There are 3 main factors that go into determining if your furnace will work at its peak efficiency. They are: 1. The furnace itself 2. The duct work 3. The installation If any of these has a problem, you will know that your furnace/air conditioner is not working to its full capacity. This blog post will deal with the... read more >
HVAC air conditioner

Prep your AC for the summer

Check if your AC works before the summer season hits Since the weather is still fairly cool, you may not think that it is time to worry about AC just yet. This is precisely the time you should! It is important to make sure that your AC is working well before the summer’s hot days are upon us. As a homeowner, prepare your AC for... read more >
Allergy season

Filters & Allergies

Would you like to make sure that your home is a safe haven from allergies? Often people buy filters for their heating and air conditioning installations but then are disappointed when their allergy symptoms don’t improve. In fact, having an air filter is just one of many things that need to be done to make your home safe from allergens. When you call us to... read more >
Furnace leaking water

Does your furnace shut off before the thermostat temperature is reached?

The Woodside house was fairly new — only about a year-and-a-half old. The homeowner was noticing that the furnace would shut off automatically before the thermostat temperature was reached. In addition, the homeowner heard gurgling noises from inside the furnace’s pipe. Luckily, the Woodside homeowner called RC Mechanical. When Sal opened the sheetrock to investigate and cut into the furnace’s PVC flue pipe, water gushed... read more >