7 ways to get the most from your air conditioner

7 ways to get the most from your air conditioner

Regardless of whether your air conditioner is newly installed or in need of some maintenance after years of service, it’s best to use it to its maximum efficiency. Here are some easy, simple tips for how to save both energy and money when using your A/C:

1. Keep your home sealed and secure

Cracks or openings in your door and window frames can both let in hot air from outside and allow cool air to escape your home. Similarly, gaps in your air ducts will allow the crisp indoor air to seep into the attic and then to the outside. Check to make sure all unwanted openings are sealed and be sure to repair those that aren’t.

2. Use a ceiling fan to its utmost efficiency

Compared to even the best air conditioner, a ceiling fan will always use a much smaller amount of electricity. Not only that, but they can cool a room down a couple of degrees, enabling you to let your A/C run a little higher. To get the most from your ceiling fan, make sure its blades travel counterclockwise.

3. Reprogram your thermostat

Usually, new air conditioners will come with programmable thermostats, which are highly useful and powerful. However, as the weather changes, adjust your thermostat’s temperature to suit its environment.

4. Use hot appliances during the coolest times of the day

Appliances like your oven or dryer create heat when used, so try to use them in the early morning or late evening when the outside is at its coolest. If possible, line dry your clothes to help your air conditioner and the environment!

5. Open windows when it’s cool and close them when it’s hot

To save energy (and therefore money!), give your A/C a rest in the early morning and late evening by opening up your windows and letting in the fresh air. Plus, the morning and evening breezes can dispel indoor allergens and stuffy air. However, be sure to close up those windows and curtains during the day to insulate your home from the scorching heat.

6. Be sure your air conditioner fits the size of your space

Money is often wasted when your air conditioner is too big for the room or house it occupies. Inversely, an air conditioner that is far too small will be inefficient due to strain. Keep this in mind when getting an A/C installed in your home.

7. Clean or change your A/C’s filter every month

This is the most important (and simple) air conditioner maintenance there is! However, it’s very easy to forget. Set reminders to change your A/C’s filter at least once a month, possibly more often if you have pets.

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