Why is my furnace leaking water?

Leaky furnace or heater

Why is my furnace leaking water?

Leaky furnace or heater

Your furnace heats your house using either gas or electricity. It doesn’t use water at all. So, if your furnace starts leaking water, the natural questions are, “Where is the water coming from?” and “Why is my furnace leaking water?”.

There are a few reasons why your furnace could be leaking water.

Leaky condensation

Condensation is a problem generally with energy-efficient furnaces. Older furnaces do not produce condensation. Thus the older furnaces don’t have the leaky water problem.

Energy-efficient furnaces have 2 heat exchangers. These heat exchangers keep the warm gases inside the furnace for a while. This in turn makes the furnace gases cool and condense. There are flue pipes in the furnace whose job is to route this water away from the furnace.

When a furnace’s flue pipe is a wrong size, is improperly installed, or is clogged, water can pool around the furnace. If there is a break in the furnace flue pipe, the water escapes.

Clogged drain

Your furnace shares the internal drain system with the air conditioner. If there is a clog somewhere in the furnace flue pipe, the water could be getting redirected into the furnace. This could make the furnace leak water.

Leaky humidifier or air conditioner

The job of the humidifier is to keep the humidity inside the house at a comfortable level. If the humidifier has a leak or is clogged, the water could drain into the furnace and spring a leak. This could lead you to believe that the furnace is leaking when in fact, it is the humidifier.

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A malfunctioning furnace heat exchanger is another reason that your furnace could be leaking water. This is a complicated heating system issue and you should call your local Redwood City HVAC technician to deal with the problem.

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