4 ways to improve your home air quality

4 ways to improve your home air quality

Good air quality inside your home is important to your family’s well being and comfort. Bad air quality can adversely affect you and your family’s health. The effects can range from sneezing to chronic asthma or worse, especially if a family member has compromised health.

These are the four devices that have the biggest impact on your indoor air quality, and you should make sure that they are working at their optimal capacity.

Air filters

Air filters are your first level of defense against bad air quality. A high pollen season (spring) or outdoor air pollution (fire season) can put a lot of stress on these devices.

It may be necessary to change these often, as extended use can put a lot of wear and tear to these instruments. If you are looking to buy a new air filter, be sure to visit https://rcmechanicalinc.com/choosing-the-right-filter/ for advice on how to choose the right air filter for your needs.

Air purifier

If a regular filter isn’t enough for you, then you should look into an air purifier. Air purifiers differ from air filters in that they actively cleanse the air through ionization, whereas an air filter simply catches dust and other contaminants that go through it. This makes air purifiers better at removing pollutants such as bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, spores, and viruses than the standard air filter.

IQAir purifier is the industry gold-standard for air purifiers. The IQ hyper-HEPA filter produces hospital grade air. Both are gold-standards in the air purifier industry and produce hospital-grade air. When one was installed in a client’s home, they said that they could “taste the clean air”!


During California summers, the air can get very dry. Chronic dry skin, chapped lips, and getting static shocks often can be a sign of low humidity, meaning that the water vapor in the air is at lower than normal levels. Breathing dry air over a long period of time can lead to respiratory issues.

Your health is not the only thing that can suffer from not installing a humidifier. When a home is excessively dry, paintings, wallpaper, and furniture can all suffer permanent damage.

Installing a whole-home humidifier can prevent all of these issues. In combination with your HVAC, your home will maintain an optimal level of humidity throughout the seasons.

Carbon monoxide detector

One of the most dangerous pollutants is carbon monoxide (CO). It is a colorless, odorless, invisible, and tasteless gas, but if CO leaks into your home, you may suffer from symptoms ranging from headaches and dizziness to a loss of consciousness.

It is vital for every house to have a working CO detector. These devices are available in hardware stores and are easy to install. For them to maintain their effectiveness, remember to change the battery every year.

We at RC Mechanical, take pride in diagnosing and improving our clients’ indoor air quality. If you have any questions or concerns, or are looking for more information, contact us today at (650) 575-3915.