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Nest thermostat
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Why you need a smart thermostat

Having a good thermostat is very important to ensure your furnace and air conditioner are operating at maximum efficiency. You save both energy and money if your furnace and air conditioner are intelligently programmed.

For example, with a conventional thermostat you might set your desired temperature to 72 degrees. Then if you leave the house for 8 hours, your furnace is working to keep your house at 72 degrees when you are not even home. This is wasted energy and money. With a smart thermostat, you can turn the temperature down once you arrive at work. This enables your heating system to operate on low or even shut down while you are away. Then, when you are 30 minutes from home, you can use your smartphone to remotely set the temperature back to 72 degrees, turning the furnace on, so that you arrive home to a nice toasty house.

On a hot day, you can do the same thing with your air conditioning. Our HVAC experts can recommend and install a smart thermostat for you.

Be efficient with a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats, like Nest, have many advanced features, including letting you program your desired temperatures based on the day and time, plus controlling the temperature remotely via your smartphone. This works for both your heating and air conditioning systems.

How we can help

We can install a Nest thermostat for you for $575. This includes the Nest thermostat itself, installation, configuration, and a 5-year warranty. Plus, instead of just the 2-year warranty provided by Nest, we give you a 5-year warranty — and we’ll take care of the warranty issues for you, like getting a replacement. Call the HVAC technicians at RC Mechanical today. Homeowners in Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area count on us for all their heating and air conditioning needs.

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