Keep cool without an AC

Keep it cool when the weather gets hot

Keep cool without an AC

Keep it cool when the weather gets hot

Bay area’s warm weather begins when the rest of the country moves into Fall. Most of our homes in the peninsula aren’t equipped with AC, making it hard to keep cool.

Here are a few ways to keep you cool when it gets hot.

Close your window shades.

If the sun’s rays reach your home’s floor or walls, you can bet that you’ll feel warmer and warmer. Keep your shades drawn, because the less sunlight that gets in, the cooler you can keep your house.

Install a fan.

A fan is very effective in cooling the room. You can choose to install one in every room. If that is too expensive, get a pedestal fan that you can take around with you, keeping you cool wherever you go.

Have a cool room.

When it gets to hot, having a room that is cooler than the others may be clutch, allowing you to beat the heat for some time. Basements and rooms facing east or north generally stay cooler than the rest of the home, and can be easily converted into a cool room.

Open your windows in the evenings.

Cooler evenings come with cooler breezes. Opening your windows then to let the cooler air come in can cool the house immediately and keep your house cooler to prepare for the next day.

Stay hydrated.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Hot weather can dehydrate you, causing you to feel the effects of the heat much more intensely. Plus, drinking cold water will cool your insides.

Don’t drink alcohol or coffee.

Keep away from alcohol and caffeine to avoid getting too hot. These are diuretics that drain water from your body. This is the opposite effect of drinking water, so be aware of their effects if you still choose to drink them.

Wear loose, light-colored cotton.

Wearing loose clothing that is made of cotton is one of the best clothes you can wear if you wish to stay cool. Wearing light colored clothing will reflect light, causing the summer heat not to stick to your body.

Take cold showers.

Showering in cooler water can help you beat the heat. This can lower your core body temperature and make you feel much cooler for some time after you step out of the shower.

Minimize the usage of kitchen stoves.

Don’t use the stove inside the house. It will generate more heat and make the house even warmer. Instead, make salads and refrigerate them. These will be refreshingly cool as dinner. Or cook outside on your grill. Better yet, get a takeout!

Turn off your lights

Turn off the lights, especially incandescent lights. These lights can generate a surprising amount of heat and warm up the room. If you need light, fluorescent bulbs will work better and give off much less heat.

It’s sprinkler time!

Children don’t realize when they start warming up. Let them play in the sprinklers. A wet towel around the neck can also do the trick on really hot days. Remember to keep them away from electronics. These produce a lot of heat.

Bring out the baby pool

Don’t forget your 4-legged friends when the weather heats up. Put a bowl of fresh clean water in the shade outside. There are vests available for dogs that keep them cool. With a baby pool, you can keep your kids and your animals cool.