Protect your HVAC with our plan

Protect your HVAC with our plan

HVAC systems are just like other equipment or appliance. They need regular maintenance.

You wouldn’t drive your car without a regular maintenance. The same holds true for HVAC systems.

Regular maintenance is needed to keep the system performing at its peak. With preventative maintenance, you can catch small issues and fix them before they become a bigger issues.

Keeping your HVAC running at its peak performance is also energy efficient. Well maintained HVAC systems keep energy bills down.

With pre-season HVAC checkups, you can ensure that your system won’t break down when you need them the most; in the middle of hot summer days or cold winters. That is why fall and spring are the best time to get your HVAC checked before they are unleashed into the season’s wrath.

With our yearly maintenance plan of $75/year, we will manage the maintenance of your HVAC system and prevent small issues from becoming system-changing problems.

Benefits of our maintenance plan include:

1. Regular filter changes on your HVAC
2. Replace batteries of CO detector and smoke detectors
3. 10% off the regular price for all service calls
4. 10% off all thermostats, CO detectors and fire alarms
5. 3% off on new installations
6. 5 year warranty on Nest. If you buy these yourself, you will get at most a 3-year warranty.
7. Includes all HVAC equipment in your house
8. Check the system for performance (heater and air conditioning)
9. Go to the front of the line for service calls

With our maintenance plan, you get the following:

– Annual Heating system tune up
– Annual Cooling system tune up
– Annual cleaning of condenser coil
– Annual gas leak testing
– Annual replacement of batteries of CO & smoke detectors
– Annual replacement of thermostat battery
– Annual testing of the motor to see how it is performing
– Annual testing of the capacitor
– Annual check of the gas valve pressure
– Annual check of pressure in the duct
– Annual replacement of filters

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